Founder of an award-winning hardware company in IoT / Digital Appliances space using biotechnology. Co-founded software development company in image processing space. Worked with companies, investor groups, accelerators and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, Europe, Brazil and China, building supportive ecosystem for innovation and value creation. Teaching business at Northeastern University and mentoring at several global organizations that help entrepreneurs and startups with new product development, business development, financial analysis, fundraising and growth strategy. Experience working as a corporate innovation consultant on strategic planning, strategy development and execution. Provided tools for developing innovative solutions improving business outcomes based on analysis, recommendations, and implementation. Advised business executives on a wide range of issues related to business transformation, including social innovation and new growth opportunities. Specialties: New Product Introduction | Corporate Innovation & Strategy | Corporate Development | Social Innovation | Business Development | Operations | Lean | Six Sigma | OKR Accredited Investor. Passionate about new technologies and positive impact. Hands-on experience in multi-discipline complex projects with holistic organizational approach. Lifelong learner with strong work ethics.