Nida is the CEO at Innoventures Global Private Limited. At Innoventures Global, the team supports entrepreneurs – primarily professionals, university academics, and women – from idea through to value (i2v) continuum and enables investors to find commercially viable innovations and entrepreneurial ventures. She also, with help of SC, works very closely with women-led businesses to help them scale using Technology. From being a Banker in her past life to an Entrepreneur now, she has continuously reinvented, unlearned and then relearned core skills necessary to grow both professionally and personally. Although she is an MBA by academic qualifications and a CEO and Founding Member by professional titles, being a Mother of her three children is the badge that she wears most fiercely and proudly. Be it the work that she does in areas of STEM Education and its promotion or working relentlessly with Women Led businesses, deep inside she is motivated in her work to leave a better world and more level playing field for both her sons and my daughter once they are of age